Why Choose CyINT?

Network Penetration testing

Internal/External Analysis of any/all risks inherent to your network. CISSP and OSCP-certified network architects leverage open-source and proprietary tool sets to enhance your topology knowledge and identify mis-configurations.

Web Application Penetration

Full-spectrum, object-oriented (or structured) online tests tailored to your web product’s underlying business structure and inherent risks.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

An aggressive, proactive, and full-spectrum open-source intelligence (OSINT) protocol that scans our Threat Intelligence database and works in concert with modernized OSINT best-practices and constantly updates our signature index to monitor thousands of known and emerging threat actors.

Custom Exploits

Custom, socially-engineered exploits that not only allow your CISO to understand what threats exist in the field, but also act as tools to test your current security posture and boost employee awareness.

Our Experts

A massive, open-source knowledge base comprised of analysts who work on commercial, industrial, and government-level projects.

24/7 Operations Center

Expert analysts working around the clock to identify any anomalies, assess potential impact, and recommend a course of corrective action.

Our services

CyINT provides a full spectrum of network and web application vulnerability and penetration services, as well as system-optimization toward PCI, HIPAA, and FedRamp compliance.

Combining the industry’s most respected tools with our proprietary intelligence gathering algorithm, we will assess your attack surface, demonstrate the complexity and severity of any security failure points within the scope of your infrastructure, then provide a mitigation strategy tailored to your operating environment. See below for a breakdown of CyINT services, techniques, and staffing metrics.

  • Become PCI, HIPAA, or FedRAMP compliant
  • Proprietary toolsets & Custom Exploits
  • Certified experts (CISSP, OSCP)
  • 24/7 Operations Center
  • Crystal clear reporting
  • Massive OSINT database monitoring APTs & network indicators

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